Finding Network Marketing Leads


Many people are considering things they can do to provide more security for their families in these economically tough times.  As a result, more are looking to home based business opportunities such as network marketing to supplement their income.  One of the biggest challenges for a network marketer is finding a reliable source of new customer leads.  In this article, I will discuss some of the best sources of network marketing leads.


The first place to naturally start is with the people you know.  These are people you already have access to and that trust your judgement.  You just have to be very careful in going about this.  We all know that people tend to flee when hearing that a friend or family has joined a network marketing opportunity because they are afraid of high pressure sales pitches.


For that reason, you need to be low key and subtle with your prospecting in these cases.  In many cases, you might want to plant the seed initially to see what feedback people come back with, and then hit them up later when you are having success with your other leads.


Most importantly, you need to eventually go beyond your friends and family because if you are confined to the circles of people you know, your business only has a limited amount that it can grow.  There are a wide variety of ways of finding these other Free Network Marketing Leads.


One of the easiest is to purchase leads from a lead broker.  These people are in the business of collecting the contact information for people looking for new business opportunities.  In most cases they have consented to be contacted at some point by filling out a form or questionnaire.


Ideally you are going to want to purchase fresh leads, which means that they have not been called very often by other marketers.  Otherwise, they might be more likely to immediately hang up the phone on you.  You can purchase aged leads more cheaply.


While the success rates on these will probably be lower, if you buy a good supplier with a low enough price, the return on investment could potentially make them worth trying.  By keeping track of your cost of acquisition versus success rates for your network marketing leads, you can better optimize your campaign in the future.


Network Marketing Leads From Your Own Website


Another good source of business leads is the internet.  You should have your own web page where people can sign up to learn more Network Marketing Leadsabout the product your network marketing company is providing.


Most network marketers will get an internet portal with any internet marketing program they sign up with.  While this can suffice, I also suggest that you create your own unique website that you can provide a personal touch to.


This is important not only for improving your marketing, but for the ability for people to find your result in the search engines as duplicate content is strongly penalized by all of them.


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Once your website is up, you are going to want to promote it as many places on the web as possible.  Find various forums, social networks, and discussion groups talking about home based businesses or network marketing.  These are going to be your most likely prospects.  Before promoting your site, spend a little bit of time becoming real contributors to the community so you can build up trust.


Then start to put a link to your website in your signature line.  People who want to find out more about it will naturally click on your site and find out about your opportunity.  These links also contribute to higher search engine rankings in the organic Google results.


In addition to your web site, you should setup Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts for your network marketing business.  Like forums, these are great places to meet new people to promote your business to.  By posting other interesting content you can get people to “like” your page or “follow” you, allowing you to later promote your opportunity to them. How to Get Leads for Network Marketing on Facebook?


 Network Marketing Leads From Facebook


Paid ads on Facebook can be particularly good places to get leads if done right.  You can relatively inexpensively target certain demographics who are members of certain groups.


You can focus on people in network marketing groups already, as these might be some of the easiest prospects.  Create an eye popping graphic that sends people to the page you are using to promote your opportunity.


By constantly testing and optimizing your campaign you can minimize your cost per customer acquisition.  The good news is also that when you get a customer on Facebook, there is a greater likelihood they might share your opportunity with their friends, allowing the concept to go “viral.”


Paid advertising on the Google or Bing search networks can also be a good place to get leeds.  You just have to be very careful to pick your keywords carefully because they are also the most competitive and efficient markets.


Ideally you are going to want to go after keywords that are relevant enough to your opportunity to get new customers, but not so competitive that your price per click will be too high.  For a free alternative to pay per click advertising, also try posting your opportunity regularly on one or more Craigslist sites throughout the nation.


MLM Network Marketing leads are much easier to find now with the prevalence of the internet superhighway.  You are no longer just limited to your small cadre of friends or professional lead companies.  By exploiting as many of these lead generation opportunities as possible, and sharing your successes with your downline, you can start to build a profitable network marketing business right from your own home.