The Forever Living Review You Should Read

Aloe Vera is supposed to be a very healing plant. According to researchers, preparations made from the inner part of the plant were used as an antibacterial medication since ancient times. The gel could also improve appetite, increase healthy and even soothe skin conditions. Now, consumers can find several products that contain aloe vera in active or powdered form. One such company is the Forever Living Company. The Forever Living Company provides the most reliable form of pure aloe for its consumers in a range of products for topical and internal use. Not much is known about the company but it does sell its products through direct marketing and we decided to write a Forever Living Review to help interested professionals.


Forever Living Review: About The Company


The Forever Living Company was set up in to promote aloe-based and bee-based products directly to consumers. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and it retails its products primarily through direct marketing options. Rex Maughan set up the company in 1978 and he now serves as the company’s CEO. Rex was the first person to consider direct sales to friends and family and he wanted to share his products with people all over the world.


In 1978, he set up the first Forever Living Products Meeting that formed the foundation for the direct sales program. There was no looking back after that. Now, the company has expanded with leaps and bounds and it has more than half a million direct sales professionals in more than 145 countries all over the world. The company has more than 25 different products that include a skin care range, cosmetics, sports drinks, nutritional supplements, bee products and personal care ranges.


The  Forever Living Distributor Program Review


Not much is known about the direct sales program and customers have to sign up with the company to know more. However, the company has a ‘no membership fee, no monthly fee and a no obligation to buy’ program that does seem affordable and easy. You have to enroll with the company through the website distributorship form. You can then order products at wholesale rates. You can then sell these products to other consumers at a slightly higher rate to get your direct bonus.


On top of this, you will also get a personal bonus of 18% if you enroll a member into your program. As your team member, every sale that the member makes also generates a profit for you. The more team members you generate, the higher you move up on the sales ladder and the more profits you generate. The company also offers leadership bonuses, sales percentages and incentives for hard-working employees.


The Bottom Line


It’s a good company and we’ve tried to keep our Forever Living Review as neutral as possible. The company does have a simple enrolment form and payment option for distributors. The products are great and they are priced economically. However, as members move upward in the company and reach the Ambassador level, they may run out of leads and they will have to generate sales on their own. They may find this difficult to do and it may put a stop to their progress.


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However, Forever Living has regular Outreach and Refresher programs where they teach members how to generate leads for their sales program. Mentoring programs are also in place and they are a great way to understand how the company works and to learn about the Foreverliving program.


We recommend you enroll with the website directly and register for program if you are interested. However, do make sure that you read as many Forever Living Review articles as possible before you proceed.



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