Small Business Leads Generation


There’s historically a massive gap in the numbers between business leads and business sales with some figures small business leadsshowing that almost 80% of leads will never be converted. This can be a pretty terrifying thought for small business owners; it may be challenging enough to produce any small business leads without having to worry about losing 80% of them without trace.

Here are a few key strategies for small business owners, ways that they can not only generate more business leads but also convert those leads into all important sales.


What Exactly Is Business Lead Generation?


That’s a very important point. A business lead may be a company or a person which has expressed interest in what your company has to offer. This may typically mean filling in an online landing page or joining an online mailing list.


The art of small business leads generation is therefore encouraging more people to visit your website, an increased flow of not just visitors but visitors which are potentially interested in what your business has to offer.  If you have a good online marketing strategy it can get very close to converting your leads into customers with very little additional effort.


Attracting The Right Leads


In order to convert leads for your business you’ve got to find them in the first place. If your website can attract inbound leads then that’s great news for your business. Conversion rates are typically much higher for converting customers who have willingly come to you instead of the more traditional lead generation methods of cold calling, direct mail flyers or sending out blind emails.


Attracting the right leads for your business website takes a combination of a number of different strategies. You will need to terrific content as well as good use of social media with email marketing also being a great starting point.


Get More Small Business Leads Starting Right Now!


Content is king – the first thing to do is to produce good content which speaks to your potential customers in an honest, genuine way. It should tell your customers all that they need to know about your product or services and answer any of the problems these potential customers may need to know.


The type of content which you can use is also varied. Your company may utilize blog posts, white papers, eBooks, slide shows, videos, info-graphics, GIFs and more. It is important that you create content which is relevant to the services or products of your company and gives your audience a real, honest and genuine insight into the topics, questions and anything else they need to know about your industry.


After a lead has discovered your online presence they will be able to learn about your company and expertise which all helps them to move closer towards your sales funnel.


Social media is an excellent method of driving this content to your website. It’s also a good idea to promote contests or other promotions from time to time which requires a person to join as a member using their email address in order to gain access to more of your original content.


Once a person has signed up for an email they become a valuable part of the email list of your business. You will now be able to include them in your email marketing campaigns – one of the most powerful and highly converted channels of marketing there is.


It is also important to check out exactly how well your website is performing from time to time. There is some excellent tracker software available which can tell you not only where the majority of your web visitors came from but also which pages they visited, how long they stayed on those pages, how far they scrolled down the pages (or lost interest and left), which links they have clicked on etc.


This information can be a vital tool in your strategies to increase your small business sales leads generation. If you can have a true insight into where your customers are coming from and what keeps their interest it will give you some idea about the way your website can be improved for future performance and conversion rates.

There are many different ways you can generate leads for your business but having good, interesting, strong and unique online content is certainly one of the best places to start.