Set Yourself Free With Passive Income Streams

If you are in regular employment, you probably often feel trapped, as you realize the only way to keep making money is to continue doing the same thing, day after day and year after year. You may well dream of passive income streams, where you can make money even while you’re asleep — but feel this is just a pipe dream. In fact, however, there are increasing numbers of ways to make a passive income, with just an Internet connection and a bit of imagination.

What Is Passive Income?

If you are interested, you first need to be clear as to exactly How to Create Multiple Streams of Income. A passive income stream is a source of income which, once the initial effort and investment have been put in, continues to generate income with little further input or effort on your part. In the offline world, examples could include publishing a successful novel, and collecting royalties on it for years, or investing in real estate and collecting rental income.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the potential of the Internet for passive income streams. Computer and digital technologies have opened up a wide range of possibilities to people who might not even be employable in a regular job, yet can make use of a home computer and some basic skills. There are many different ways to generate passive income online, and these can be synergized, so that the power of one can make the others more effective.

Passive Income Streams – Potential Of Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most popular of the online passive income streams is affiliate marketing — that is, selling other people’s products for a commission, rather than putting in the effort of developing products yourself. The initial effort lies mainly in setting up websites to promote the products, and getting the sites to rank highly in search results. Once you have attracted sufficient traffic, the commissions should flow in.

However, rather than just selling simple products, the most effective way of generating passive income opportunities from affiliate marketing is to concentrate on residual income. This involves selling products for which you get the customer to sign up for a program, and pay a regular subscription, and you continue to collect commissions as long as the subscription remains in force. Examples include web hosting programs, online backup programs, insurance products, membership sites and dating sites.

Passive Income Ideas

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Information Products Are Powerful

The other favorite way of making a passive income stream is producing and marketing ebooks, reports or other information products. There is a huge demand for “How to” products, and provided you research the market and promote it via the search engines, you can sell the book for years to come. You can set up an automatic sales system on your site, and just watch the money roll in.

What is more, you can synergize this with your affiliate marketing, by inserting your affiliate links in the ebook. In fact, by doing this you can make continued passive income even if you give the books away. For instance, if you produce a book on hypnosis, and include an affiliate link for a hypnosis course for $97, this could make you a great ongoing income:

Passive Income Streams – Monetize Your Blog

A further excellent example of  Best Passive Income Ideas is blogging. Of course, developing and maintaining a blog can be very hard work. However, once it is fully up and running, and attracting traffic, you can find powerful ways to monetize your blog. Again, you can include your affiliate links. Adsense is also a great way of collecting passive income without realizing it — it is often a pleasant surprise to receive a check from Google every few months, for doing nothing at all.

The essential thing to remember about passive income streams is that they are only passive once the initial effort has been put in. Also remember that streams need to multiply — so write several ebooks, and promote numerous products, to ensure a healthy income. Your healthy income won’t happen overnight, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy your new lifestyle.