An Unbiased Reliv International Review

Health and Wellness is an expanding sector, as increasing numbers of people are becoming more health conscious. Many people invest in a range of food supplements, herbs or anything else which will improve and maintain their health. Reliv products are well known in the industry. The following Reliv International review aims to examine the facts about this well liked MLM Company, and see whether the hype is justified.


The History


The origins of this company date back to 1988, when the company was set up by Sandy and Robert Montgomery. Once he had sold his insurance firm, Robert decided to retire at 38 years of age. Soon afterward, two of Sandy and Robert’s parents passed away, so they both started to look for nutritional supplements to promote good health. One day, Sandy and Robert met Doctor Theodore Kalogris, while attending a nutritional industry event.


Reliv International Review — Product Details


The health products that this company produces include ingredients which are quickly and easily absorbed by the body, and whichReliv International Review work better when combined together. As the company owns its’ own manufacturing plant, it can virtually guarantee its’ product quality. Also, it should be noted that, in 1992, the company set up a Clinical Advisory Board. This board conducts research on ingredients, offers feedback and recommends product improvements. The products sold by Reliv address different health problems, such as joint health, blood sugar management, anti aging, heart health and even products which are aimed at women and children. Although the products are good quality, it is essential that you conduct some research yourself, so you can promote them ethically.


Reliv International Review — Product Reach


This company provides you with the chance work either internationally or locally. The company operates in fifteen countries worldwide. Obviously, this is a big advantage in a global marketplace. Reliv produce many products linked to weight loss and general nutrition. All of these products can be promoted via their MLM business model. Presently, Reliv International boasts over 65000 distributors across the world.


Reliv International Review — Promotional Methods


Generally, you will use traditional network advertizing methods to promote the Reliv International MLM opportunity. Thus, you will be advised to contact all your family, friends, acquaintances and co workers to build your down line. You will get in touch with them to buy products, and to enroll them to work as distributors for your business. All of the training you receive from Reliv will concentrate on these techniques.


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To reach the highest Ambassador level in the company, you have to learn how to advertize your business effectively. Thus, you will have to put the work in to educate yourself about every relevant area of marketing. That said, there is a good mentoring system in place, which teaches you how to attract visitors to your website with proven and specific internet marketing strategies. If you are searching for a business opportunity to promote health products to family and friends, then Reliv might be the ideal choice.