With many Multi-level Marketing companies cropping up every day, determining the best one to join can be a little intimidating for a first timer. However, scrutinizing most of these companies based on number of years they have been operating, profitability, success rate and Alexa rankings among other factors can help define which company is best. To define the top best network marketing companies in the world today, you may also want to look into your preferences. What the company sells should help you determine which to join.


7 Of the Top Best Network Marketing Companies to Date


  1. AMWAY: This is one of the oldest and largest MLM companies today. Amway was first founded in 1959 with the main aim of selling healthcare, beauty and home care products to the American population. 59 years down the line, the company has risen to be a champion in the MLM market place all over the world. This company works under tiers, where the more marketers you train and are under you, the more money you make.


  1. Melaleuca: This Company tops in most MLM reviews online. This company was first founded in 1985, and sells mainly cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements and personal care products. It has its headquarters in Tennessee USA, with branches all over the world. The company has also been termed as the fastest growing company to this day. Like many other Multi-level marketing companies, this company’s profits come from the sales agents make.  It also works under a tier network, where one gets to build a down-line to increase profitability and revenue generation.


  1. USANA: USANA was founded to help promote better living by supplying health care products. This company makes money when associates (marketers) distribute and sell products to all those who need them. It has also been recognized for supporting athletic games in the U.S, as well as supplying nutritional supplements for athletes.  With the ready market for USANA’s products, associates are able to make good money through sales.  Each associate has to be trained under an experienced partner, hence creating multi-level networks.


  1. Forever Living MLM: Like many other MLM companies, Forever Living is a company that focuses on better health and living standards. Almost all products supplied and sold by this company are Aloe Vera and honey related products. These are basically nutritional supplements and personal care products. These are the only products that the company supplies ever since it was founded back in 1978. Although founded in the U.S, the company has expanded to many other regions in the world.


  1. ACN INC.: This is one of the few MLM companies that deviated from supplying healthcare products that other companies provide, to sell telecommunication services. ACN is a proud supplier of telecommunications, energy and Television services among others. Most of these services are subcontracted from main provides, where independent Business owners as they are called sell the products to customers. Although founded in the U.S, the company has expanded to other continents and thriving very well. IBO’s make money by reselling products and services that key suppliers supply to them. One can also make good money by creating a down line of marketers with the same venture.


  1. AdvoCare: Founded in 1993, AdvoCare has been a key supplier of weight-loss, nutritional and energy related products. With many people in the United States suffering from obesity and overweight conditions, these have been its key customers. More and more people buy these products to contain their weight as well as body figure. Marketers make money by selling most of these products, as well as training other sales agents to work under them. The more people one can train and be active in the field, the more money he/she can make through this company.


  1. Nu skin enterprises: This Company was founded in 1984 with the aim of promoting good skin care and healthier bodies. It mainly supplies skin care products and nutritional supplements to help people live a healthier life. It was also among the top MLM companies to be listed in the NY stock exchange.


The companies listed above are among the top best network marketing companies anyone can join.  Whether already an existing marketer or want to try it out, do your research and determine which company is the best for you.