Understanding The Avon Company: A Complete Avon Review

Avon products are probably the most wellknown products in the entire world. The company was the founder for the direct sales model and the AVON LADY with her pink suitcase is probably an American icon. This Avon Review is probably redundant as almost everyone knows about the company and how it works. However, times and sales models tend to change and this Avon Review was written to capture the current financial condition and sales pyramid of the iconic company.


Avon Review: A Little About the Company


David H McConnell set up the Avon Company in 1886 in a small office located in lower New York City. He then called in a business partner called Alexander D Henderson to help him with the manufacturing and sales process and to help in expanding the company. David initially named the company the California Perfume Company and it manufactured powders, lipsticks and toiletry products. He was a book salesman who noticed that women were far more interested in the free perfume samples that were provided instead of the books.


The housewives were also isolated at home with a fluid income base that they could use to purchase cosmetics right at home. As times changed, the long name was shortened to Avon in 1929 but the company increased in popularity and business steadily over the next two decades. Avon was the first to use the direct sales model in which men and women went door-to-door. The company set up training centers to help women market their products and called them Avon representatives and it cashed in on the fact that women loved cosmetics and they had enough free time to sell cosmetics.


Avon Review: The Sales Process


You can apply through the online form to become an Avon Lady. The company offers two different options in which candidates canAvon Review choose to become sales leaders or representatives. As a sales leader, you actively recruit additional members into the sales team but representatives are direct sales agents who sell directly to customers. Sales agents get a percentage of their sale and they get a discount on their own purchases. As representatives move upward on the sales ladder, they get additional discounts and deals that may include incentives, bonuses and products.


The good points

At last count, the company had more than five million representatives worldwide and the number is increasing steadily every day. The company pays regularly and it makes more than $500 in sales per day. Avon has more than $10.7 billion sales worldwide and it is the second largest direct selling company in the world. Rest assured that you will make a profit when you enroll with the company.


The bad points


Although the company is great in sales and products, representatives and customers have had frequent problems with the company and its product lines. For example, the most common complaint is that representatives have to pay for customer brochures and sales material. They also have to pay for sample products and direct sales are difficult as the company has an extensive representative base. Some of the products are also not up to standard and deliveries are frequently delayed or damaged and issues have been raised about company advertisements about products.

The company also has a very high tax per order, fee per order, order processing fee and a late fee rate that can really cut into the profits. Representatives also find it difficult to continue with volume sales as their sales leads run out. However, the company has been proactively dealing with this by setting up a training program and providing mentorship for interested candidates.


The Bottom Line


Avon has a very good deal for customers and for representatives but the company has been restructuring itself recently. We recommend you check the latest deals for members before you sign on with the company as you’re more Avon Business Reviews.

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