Take Shape For Life is a popular multilevel marketing (MLM) program that sells Medifast Diet meals and shakes. They are one of the latest MLM opportunities in the health and well-being industry. The program has been receiving numerous reviews and testimonials on the net.


The majority of these reviews are positive, and they endorse the program highly. This is why we thought of taking a close look at the program. This article provides an honest review of Take Shape For Life, and highlights some important tips to build your downline fast.



The company professes a triad between physical, financial and spiritual health for their members and the public in general. When one of these are missing, achieving total health becomes really impossible. The company sells some of the best meals and shakes for a healthy life. You don’t have to struggle to sell their products since the products sell themselves. They are of such high quality. There are so many testimonials highlighting the benefits of Take Shape For Life.


This Take Shape for Life Review shows that the program is more than a weight loss plan, it is a comprehensive long term health plan. Following the plan helps people build and maintain good long term health by developing good health habits. People who are out of shape and over weight get that way through bad habits that lead to poor health.


It only makes sense that developing good health habits will lead to good long term health. If people can develop bad health habits they can also develop good health habits, it just takes a little effort. This Review attempts to explains how the plan works.


This is a three part program. First, a free health coach is provided to guide and encourage weight loss. Second, the Medfast 5 & 1 Plan is utilized for healthy weight loss. Third, the Habits of Health System is used to develop a lifetime of good health through good health habits.



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Take Shape for Life – Free Health Coach


The health coach is there to advise and encourage, they have experienced the process and witnessed the success in there own lives and truly believe in the program. The client decides how much involvement the coach will have.


The coach can be intimately involved every step of the way or only called upon if needed for some reason, it is totally up to the client. Research has shown that a health coach can help a person reach his or her weight loss goals. Taking advantage of this resource can be a great help in the weight loss effort and should be used as much as needed and desired.


Medfast 5 & 1 Plan


The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan calls for eating five scientifically prepared meals per day two to three hours apart and one other meal called a lean and green meal for lunch or dinner. The lean and green meal is self prepared based on suggested recipes. The Medfast Meals are nutritionally identical so that any five of the seventy available meals can be chosen for each day.


The meals are designed for rapid weight loss while providing the body with all the nutrition needed and by also keeping the client full and satisfied. These meals are also fortified with all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Once the weight goal is reached a transition period begins where fruits vegetables and protein are added. Then the maintenance plan helps maintain the lower weight that was achieved.



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Take Shape for Life – Habits of Health System


With the Habits of Health System the client begins by learning healthy eating habits, then learns habits of health for life long healthy living. The habits of health book was written by Dr. Wayne S. Anderson the Medical Director of the program. The book is accompanied by a workbook and several DVDs, which allows the client to choose the way he or she learns best for adopting the habits needed for a healthy life.


Build Your Downline Fast


A marketer selling Take Shape For Life products can get more benefits when he or she recruits more members to the downline. When a member of their downline sells a product, the marketer gets a percentage of the commission.


A marketer must learn to build his or her downline by using effective techniques. Recruiting members to your downline is not difficult if you know how to do it. There are numerous techniques to recruit members to one’s downline. Here are some of the most important tips in this regard.



The consistency of an MLM lead is based on the trust you create when recruiting them to your downline. You must offer something in value in exchange for their acceptance of becoming a member of the program. Offering them a free e-book on a related subject is one way to provide value and build trust. You can do this through an autoresponder program. Send them valuable through email on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to build trust in your downline.



You need to establish your credibility among your downline. Send them emails on a regular basis with valuable information. Don’t try to sell anything through these emails. You can also use videos to build the trust among your downline, and establish yourself as an authority in the field.



Social media sites are a great way to build your downline. You can promote the MLM companies on your social media profiles. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linked In are some of the most popular social media sites in this regard.


Create profiles on these social media sites and start promoting the offer. Provide your visitors with valuable content, and offer a free gift for people joining the program. These are some of the best incentives to recruit more members to the downline.



Once you develop trustworthiness and reliability in your chosen niche, it is not difficult to recruit new members to your downline. When people start to trust you, they have no problem in joining whatever program recommended by you. This is why it is extremely important to build trust among the members in your downline. It will definitely help increase the profits of your business in the long run.



Take Shape For Life is one of the most popular and effective MLM programs in the health and well-being market. The program has been creating quite a buzz on the market recently. The aforementioned tips will help you recruit more members to the downline of the MLM program.


If interested in working as a take shape for life health coach you will have your own business that must be marketed and developed. In order to advance to the highest Ambassador level in the company, you have to learn how to advertise your business effectively like having your take shape for life blog or website.


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You’re about to discover the lead generation secrets used by 6 & 7 figure network marketers to sponsor hundreds of new reps automatically without ever picking the phone.






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