A Quick Honest Nerium International Review

Nerium International is a well-known company that promotes special nerium based skin care products for the beauty conscious. The company prides itself on its unique products developed by their in-house chemists. The products are unique as they contain a special patent-pending molecule called NBio-PL2 extracted from the Nerium oleander plant.

As the company is the only one that controls the production of this molecule, the beauty products they make are extremely popular and this has led to a very successful MLM or direct marketing campaign. We decided to carry out a quick review just to see how the company would work out for us.


Nerium International Review – What Makes The Nerium Product Line So Popular?


The oleander plant was originally under research to understand its effects on cancer. Apart from a potential cancer nerium internationaltreatment, oleander extracts are also used in heart medications, asthma medications, and a range of other medical conditions.


Scientists at the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center were the first to note that oleander extract was particularly useful on skin health. It could delay the effects of skin aging and it seemed to be predominantly effective on wrinkles.


The company capitalized on this and quickly purified an active component from the plant which it started using in its beauty extracts. Founders Dennis Winsor and the Olson Family were able to promote their products through the internet but they were also interested in selling directly to the consumer. As a result, It started a direct sales or MLM option which is turning out to be the most profitable venture for the company and its sales as well.


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How to Consistently Generate Leads for Business For Nerium International As A Brand Partner


If you intend to run a successful business of any kind, then it is essential that you learn how to consistently generate leads for business prospects. Without a steady supply of leads, your business is quite unlikely to see many sales, customers or profits. Business owners who struggle with getting leads should take a close look at the information provided below. By doing so, you will learn the best lead generation methods and how to make them work for you.


Use Viral Videos


Making a video that goes viral on Youtube will do wonders for bringing interest and new leads to your business. Once a few people see your video, they will begin passing it on. Before you know it, thousands of people will have seen it and your business will be on their minds.


Putting the video to your own website will also result in some great backlinks to your site that will help improve your search engine ranking. Help the video go viral by purchasing PPC ads on social networks that instruct people to watch the video. You can include your business information or offer in the video or in the video’s Youtube description.


Make it Easy for People to Share


We all know how powerful social media can be. However, many business owners are failing to include social network share buttons on their websites. By adding easy ways for website visitors to share your website content on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you are increasing the visibility of your business for free and without any work done on your part. Make sure that people can easily share interesting or helpful information from your website with their friends and family.


Give Away Good Stuff


People love getting free stuff, so think of a promotional giveaway that you can offer in exchange for a Facebook like, retweet, or mailing list opt-in. Make sure that you’re giving away something that your potential customers actually want or else you won’t have much luck with this method.


A great twist on this method is to limit access to the giveaway item for a certain period of time. After that time, inform people that the item will only be available if they purchase it. This instills a sense of urgency that entices people to whatever it takes to get the item now while it’s free.


Always Think Big


Most business owners use one or two methods to generate leads for business without ever trying anything new. Instead of staying in the box, try several different lead generation campaigns that use different strategies and ideas. There are so many different ways to bring in leads that it makes no sense to not try them all out. You may be surprised at how much better another method will work for you than what you are currently doing.


It is quite time-consuming and often stressful trying to find effective ways to generate leads for business, but it is a necessary task that business owners must perform. Do some additional research on effective lead generation methods and start using them right away.


Nerium International Review – Is The Direct Sale Option Profitable?


At present, the company has an annual turnover of more than $125 billion all over the world and it retails products through direct sales agents in more than 140 countries. Now the company has 75 million people involved in its direct marketing campaign.


The company offers a very simple percentage deal on the customers you bring in or other brand managers you bring in to the company. When you enroll, you are offered a complete marketing package. The entry fee is about $999 or $499 and you can choose the option that suits you.


For high performers, the company also offers a free Lexus as a bonus payment. Brand partners can also be eligible for bonuses that may range up to $100,000 or more depending on their rank in the marketing process. The company is upfront about the discounts and commissions that are offered to customers. We recommend you look at the compensation plan listed at http://www.neriumsupport.com/downloads/comp_plan_overview.pdf for additional information.


The Reviews Bottom Line


Nerium International is a good company, it offers reliable products that are scientifically produced, and they do work. Apart from the products, the company has a very good compensation policy that does work very well for its members.


The only problem we see is that the company is relatively new. There is a chance that nerium products may fade in popularity and customers may choose to buy other products. This may affect the income of direct sales personnel. However, we don’t see this happening any time soon.