The Value Of Attraction Marketing


Sales and marketing has developed into a sea of shouting and superlatives, to the point that many consumers simply tune out when the noise begins. My dog is bigger than your dog mentality of many marketers is deafening and many potential buyers are becoming Attraction marketingnumb to it.


Attraction marketing is a different story altogether. This method is taking a different approach to an age-old problem, and that is how to get the attention of a potential buyer and keep it long enough to tell your story. Give something of value, such as an idea or a technique that the target market wants and sees as the solution to a problem. In this way the value of teaching and becoming a trusted advisor is what will win the day.


It is really the old principle stated by Napoleon Hill, Find a Need and Fill It that is being utilized to the fullest with attraction marketing, for you are offering a proposition or the solution to a problem, to the prospective buyer that he or she is actually looking for. You are simply going to begin your marketing campaign with the needs of the customer at the forefront, and then using problem solving and teaching techniques, you are going to deliver. You will outline the problem, then offer solutions that actually will work, before they even realize that they have that problem, in many cases.


The first thing that has to be accomplished is building trust. This is accomplished by offering proven ways to bring a universal problem to the table that almost everyone has, such as how to get more leads, as an example. That is certainly an issue that is universal, for if a person or a business runs out of leads, they are out of business. Then solutions will be presented such as teaching methods to drive traffic on internet based platforms, social media, direct mail, and similar programs. The solutions must be presented in such a way, as they are perceived to be real solutions, not pie in the sky rhetoric that the prospective buyer has heard before.



Once the marketer embraces a reality of teaching, a foundation of principles is established and the prospect begins to trust the teacher as an authority. When this happens, a new relationship is established where a solid base of credentials is now a reality. You will become an expert in your particular niche, and the prospective buyer will want what you have and be willing to pay for it. New members of the marketing community on the Internet want and need help. It can be somewhat complex to them because every time they turn around, there is a new scheme or program that is going to make them rich, and at some point in time, they learn that there are no secrets, just learning and applying basic techniques is what works best.


Being available is another key point in the attraction marketing approach, where an even higher level of authority is displayed. This doesn’t always have to be a one on one approach, but it can still be accomplished with webinars, email blasts, special events and the like. It is very easy today to create a lot of communication very quickly and get it disseminated to your list. People are hungry for information, and they have plenty of questions. If you are the one who can answer the bulk of their questions, you will attract the people to your business.


You Tube videos, Google Hangouts, and other visual methods of getting your message across are incredibly successful in building relationships with vast numbers of people in a short space of time. This will expand your credibility by making your message personal and to the point. A step-by-step approach can be shown in a video, with a power point slide presentation, where the individual can follow along and set up the procedure as he listens. When the buyer or client sees you on video giving him or her answers to their questions, the bond is tightened because you are giving real value to the proposition the prospect is looking for.


Once you create meaningful content that is specific to a certain subject, it probably only has to be created one time, with the exception being that of updates, if necessary. Since the presentation is recorded, it can then be presented time after time to new prospects as they enter your sales funnel. This will free up time and allow you to spend more time on the details, and focus more on the personal side of development for your buyers.


It will also allow the creation of more advanced areas of your content, in order to continue your conversation. The marketing will always be focused on giving more value to the entire process that the buyer would not know about, or be able to access on their own. If you can demonstrate that your solution is the answer to the problem, then you have succeeded in your effort. Read more @