The Best Beauticontrol Review: Is It Worth It?

The cosmetic industry is huge and there are thousands of cosmetic products in the market. However, finding an effective product that can actually do what it says can be difficult. The hype is difficult to separate from the truth and most women keep experimenting with new products till they eventually find the right company and brand for their face.

This is where Beauticontrol wins out. The company is wellknown for its quality products that do work and this has made them very successful. Along with useful products, the company also has a very successful direct marketing option which has managed to become very successful. To evaluate the company, we decided to write a Beauticontrol Review that would help consumers as well as direct sales professionals.


Beauticontrol Review: A little about the company and the product


Beauticontrol was established in 30 years ago to provide high quality health and beauty products to customers in the Us, Canada and Puerto Rico so it can not be a scam. The company produces high quality cosmetics, age-control products and several more product lines sold through retailers and through direct sales consultants. Apart from cosmetics, the company has diversified into baby care products and jewelry lines that are now picking up in popularity.


Beauticontrol Review: Direct Marketing: will it work?


Beauticontrol believes in direct marketing to its customers and for this reason, it set up the MLM or direct sales options through beauticontrol Reviewbeauty consultants. The company has more than 100,000 beauty consultants all over the world. Customers who like the product can enroll with the company or partner with the spa brand to market the products directly to their own customers. As a part of their benefits, they are offered a percentage of the sales they make. Apart from this , the company also has a discounted purchase deal for company representatives.

Consultants are also encouraged to hold regular spa parties where friends and family can review the brand products and buy them at discounted rates. The rate chart is listed at the websites but % rates may vary anywhere from 15% to about 20% of the total sales volume. Successful sales persons can move up the marketing ladder can reach levels where they are offered higher discounts, sales benefits and incentives and bonuses according to their sales volume.


Beauticontrol Consultant Reviews: The bottom line


It’s a good company with a reliable reputation. The company prides itself on honesty and complete ingredient lists are published on the website and on the packaging. This means that you know what you are using and how it will affect your skin. However, there are drawbacks as well. For example, most of the products are available for direct purchase through the website. A few of the products are expensive and they are no free trials.  For direct sales professionals, this marketing opportunity is useful only if you have large base of consumers. As a result, as you climb up the levels in the company, you will have to generate leads and sales by yourself.

This will require a good marketing background along with sales training and a deeper understanding of how you can promote Beauticontrol products. However, Beauticontrol does have a sales training and mentoring program in place that will help novices and professionals to turn into better marketing professionals.


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The company does seem to pay on time and there are no violently negative reviews about the company at the time of writing. This Beauticontrol review has tried to be as neutral as possible but there are chances that we’ve missed things.


Take the time to read as many Beauticontrol Review articles as possible before you actually become a member. We suggest you sign up with the company but do a little more research as well.