What Is The Social Media Mastery Course In Business


This is an innovative new course which has been complemented by the Certificate IV in Business qualification. This course is currently being delivered to students who have the option of completing the full course or just study single units that may be relevant to them.


With a social media mastery qualification, students can learn how to make social media work for their business. Thesocial media mastery course course has been designed to provide students with the essential business knowledge and skills they will need, and that can be applied immediately back at their workplace through the use of social media i.e. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and other digital communications.


The Course Information


The nationally accredited course is not just a basic ‘know-how’ social media class training, it’s also interactive, professional and a fun program. It is designed to help you capture the interest of your audience and help your brand grow online. Students who enroll in this course do not have to be social media experts, but having a good understanding of how to use Facebook is expected.


With the help of a social media instructor, students will be taken step-by-step through the social media marketing landscape, and will be taught how to:


–  Manage their online time to get the best results.

– Promote and grow their business using free online tools.

– Boost their sales for online products and services offered.

– Track and measure their online efforts in order to calculate their returns on investment (ROI)

– Create the right social media marketing content and use engaging strategies.

– Procure valuable and long-term customer relationships.

– Build a strong online community using the power of recommendations or ‘word-of-mouth’

– What to do when you get feedback from these online communities to help you develop, refine and achieve your business goals.


Who should take this course?


– The course is ideal for those who are already in a communications role and would like to formalize their social networking knowledge, perhaps gain professional development in social media marketing.


-The course is for those who already recognize social media marketing as a growing field of work and would like to learn how to excel in social media mastery. This is just another career path with potential opportunities that are on the rise in this new economy.


The course is also designed for those who are already on social media but just aren’t getting the results they want. Those who would like to put their company or business online but don’t have a clue on where to start.


To be accredited with a Certificate IV in Business, you will have to complete a total of 10 units:

  • One core unit
  • Nine units of your election


By competently completing all of the units within the course you will have gained a Qualification Certificate IV in Business that is recognized nationally. The course units to complete are as follows:


Session One:

Establish networks

Advanced online business networking using social networking tools


Session Two (2 days):


Integrating websites with social media


Session Three (2 days):

Communicating with customers online

Internal procedures for implementing social media


Session Four (2 days):

Online Campaigns/Promotions

Monitor a Safe Workplace


Session Five (2 days):

Integrating marketing activities with social media

Create a social media marketing plan


What are the Qualification Aims?


The Certificate IV in Business, is delivered as using digital communications and social media mastery in context of a global economy and business world. It reflects the role of individuals who already use, have well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in our ever evolving and expanding world of online networking for business. The qualification will enable you to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems that may arise. It will help you analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sites and sources. The course will help you be competent enough to provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output.


What Career Opportunities are available to those with a Certificate IV in Business?


Work placements include:


* A Social Media Manager

* An IT or Online Development Clerk

* Public Relations

* A Reputation Management Clerk

* A Customer Service Advisor

* An E-business Practitioner

* A role in Marketing Support

* An Office Administration Assistant

* A Social Media Administrator

* A Digital Communications Officer

* A Digital Marketing Officer