Outsource Link Building – Ensuring Implementation


As a website owner, you have probably studied up on all the latest things about internet marketing including website design, PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing, conversion tracking plus analysis and of course SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Each one of these components of your marketing strategy can make a big difference in your bottom line so focusing on these disciplines is a good idea. One thing that needs to be addressed first though is where you are in your business.

If you are an individual, building up to grow an affiliate empire by working on this in your spare time or a business owner with hundreds of employees, your approach will be completely different. Despite this, there are certain things in an internet business that are quite tedious but necessary. One aspect in particular of good SEO and the reason for the need to outsource link building will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


SEO is based around the practice of optimizing one’s website to give clues to the search engine spiders what it is about. This information can then help the search engines properly “rank” you against other similarly optimized sites. In order to stand out a bit more and to take advantage of what search engine’s want, it is necessary to obtain outside links that point back to your website to help identify keywords your website is most associated with.


Even in this current environment where over optimization is frowned upon, the results clearly show that linking still has a huge impact in your search positions but different methods are required to maximize your results. What we’ll discuss now are some of the more important techniques that can help you achieve higher positions.


Outsource Link Building – Vary Your Anchor Text


Gone are the days when one can just take their main keywords and use those for links in everything they post on the internet. EvenOutsource Link Building if you negotiate with higher ranking sites or warrant all the attention that your company deserves due to a breakthrough product or something, the search engine algorithm still will analyze your inbound link keyword density and flag you for a penalty. As much as possible you want to avoid getting the attention of a manual review so you must do your best to stay under the radar.


Any type of SEO is considered bad nowadays as has been stated by prominent representatives of the big search engines, but as we said, current results prove that the smart SEO’s and companies they work for still implement these proven techniques since only a massive change in the algorithm can change the way it works. Knowing this, vary the type of keywords you link with and even use business name references or straight link URL‘s. Do this and focus all your main keyword links with the next item we’ll talk about.


Outsource Link Building – High PR (Page Rank) Links


By reserving your primary keywords to be used solely on higher PR links, you further strengthen the relevancy of those links. Doing this allows you to achieve the link distribution we discussed above without over optimizing for your main keywords. Since high PR links still provide immense value, obtaining them should be what one focuses the most on when implementing a SEO plan. Outsource link building activities that don’t have the most impact while concentrating on this part to achieve the best results.


Link Velocity


Here is where daily due diligence will make a huge difference. The search engines see it more natural when a website slowly builds up the amount of links pointing to their website as it emulates the normal growth of any growing business that garners more and more attention. New events or other factors can cause a spike but the pattern is usually seen as an upward growing line if pictured on a chart.


This means, obtaining links on a daily basis and consistently is what will give you the results you want. This is particularly when one really should outsource link building because at least then you can be assured that if you have trained them properly, a link builder will get the job done each and every day. This is something that once you understand the process of SEO, it is easy to train someone to do.


As one can see, this was only a brief discussion about an aspect in internet marketing that will make a difference. By planning ahead and outsourcing tasks that have importance but can be performed by others is a smart business decision.