What One Should Know About Online Video Marketing

Anyone who wants to promote his or her website online should engage in online video marketing. Following is an overview of why this type of marketing is just as important or even more important than other search engine optimization techniques, along with some helpful tips and advice on how to go about promoting one or more videos online.


The Importance of Online Video Marketing


The main reason why it’s so important is that it is much easier to earn first page rankings for a video than it is to earn high rankings for content. Even well written content is often buried by the thousands of other websites on the same topic.


However, because Google owns YouTube and is interested in promoting this large video sharing website, relevant videos are often automatically promoted to the first page of Google’s search engine results. Furthermore, while Google is cracking down on common site promotion techniques such as article submission and link building, it is not presently penalizing webmasters who are using online video marketing to promote their websites.


In short, not only easy and free, but also a safe way to promote any type of website or blog.


Online Video Marketing – How to Optimize Video Content


When uploading a video on YouTube, it is important to optimize it so that it will earn high search engine rankings. The way to do this is to provide a keyword rich title and description and accurate tags.


A person should include one of his or her most important keywords in the title of the video. Ideally, this keyword should appear as early on in the title as possible. This same point applies to writing the description to accompany the video.


The video description should be short and catchy, and should include the website URL at the end. Ideally, a viewer should not have to click “read more” to find the website URL.


YouTube does not limit how many tags a person can add to his or her video content, so be sure to add as many relevant tags as online video marketingpossible. While the tags will not always have an affect on a video’s Google rankings, it will affect the video’s ranking on YouTube, which gets hundreds of millions of visitors every month.




Tips on Creating Engaging Video Content


Creating engaging video content is a very important part of this marketing strategy. If a high ranking video is not appealing, it will quickly lose its first page Google placement, as Google will notice that people clicking on the video are not watching it through to the end. Furthermore, a high ranking video with poor content will not successfully generate customers and will even discourage people from doing business with the company in question.


Videos should be short and only make one or two key points. A business owner who is talking on the video should be dressed in a presentable manner. Heavy make-up, sunglasses and gaudy clothing should all be avoided. Depending on the nature of the business in question, a person should be dressed in either formal attire or a casual business outfit.


The importance of online video marketing should never be underestimated. This form of marketing is free and one of the most efficient ways of getting traffic to one’s website. A businessperson who is interested in reaching potential customers via video should start by taking the time to create engaging, useful content and then be sure to add an appropriate title, compelling description with website URL and plenty of tags. Doing so is a sure-fire way to gain more traffic and boost sales.