Save Your Business Thousands In Advertising With MLM Attraction Marketing

In past times, what a business had to do to sell products and services was to create eye-catching advertisements, send emails to as many people as possible, dispatch a sales team on a cold calling mission and wait for customers to come knocking. However, with increased competition both on and offline, advertising does not yield the results it used to. Creation of ads is becoming very costly, computers now have anti-spam software and customers are avoiding sales calls like the plague. What is a business to do?

MLM attraction marketing is emerging as a solution for businesses to survive and thrive in a constantly changing market. Although it’s not a new concept, it was popularized by Mark Dillard, an advocate of “magnetic sponsoring” strategies. It is designed to help MLM and non-MLM companies to increase sales online without resorting to expensive traditional marketing techniques.

What Does MLM attraction marketing stand for?

MLM stands for multilevel. The name is derived from the structure of sales in a company. It also refers to how sales people are compensated for their efforts. A multilevel business employs an initial number of sales people, who are called distributors. These sales people are then sent out not only to sell or promote goods and services, but to recruit other distributors as well.

For instance, a first level distributor is a sales person hired directly by the company. This first level distributor informs his or her network of family, friends and colleagues about the company’s products or services. People in the network can either just buy from the distributor or can choose to join the company as a new distributor as well.

If the first level distributor recruits more distributors successfully, he or she gets a portion of their income from sales. New contributors are second level sales people and will need to recruit third level contributors.

This model is widely used by physical companies but in recent years, online businesses began adopting it as well. Contributors are usually called affiliates and are in charge of marketing a business’s products and services online. Affiliates often market products and services in unique ways but provide a link that directs a customer to the original company.

How Does MLM Attraction Marketing work?

What Is Attraction marketing is an online marketing strategy that aims to lure customers by giving them what they need. Internet users browse the web primarily for information about specific topics. Attraction marketers, therefore, sell their products and services by giving customers the knowledge they need first. In this way, businesses offer value upfront and gently lead customers towards purchase.

One of the best MLM attraction marketing tools to use to attract customers is searching for keywords. A keyword is a phrase or mlm attraction marketinggrouped words that internet users frequently type into search engines for information. Search engines sift through millions of web pages to find articles and blog posts that provide the most relevant information. Search engines use robots to scan web pages for keywords.

Finding keywords is only one half of the equation. The second part is to get your sales people or affiliates to write articles based on those very keywords. Information needs to be relevant, well-written and based on true facts. A minimum number of keywords have to be worked into the content in order to flow naturally.


The clincher is that you have to use the content to advertise your goods and services either directly or indirectly. You might prefer that your company name be included in the text itself or be the company that sponsors the website or blog. The aim is to present yourself to your customers as a valuable information provider, and foster a relationship based on mutual benefit. MLM attraction marketing is a completely different approach to traditional marketing, where businesses force products on customers and hope for a response.

The Combination

Online MLM attraction marketing provides an effective and affordable way for businesses to advertise services and products. Although those marketing strategies have come under heavy scrutiny from the marketing industry, many companies are using this method to add value and form lasting relationships with customers. Attraction Marketing System is also highly beneficial for businesses because of the thousands of dollars, time and energy usually spent on traditional advertising.

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