A Review Of Magic Submitter

Posting backlinks and submitting content are some of the most challenging undertakings for bloggers, online marketers and generally people who are into making money online. There are, however, tools that have been designed to do all this hence making life really easy for this group of individuals; one such tool is magic submitter, and this is a magic submitter review.


Magic Submitter Review: Understanding the Tool


We will focus on what the tool can actually do.  One of the things that magic submitter does is create accounts on different websites. If you have ever tried to comment on a post as a guest in an attempt to create a backlink to your site, chances are that you were prompted to sign up as a member. Doing this on one or two sites may not be that much of a problem but if your target is 20 or even 100 websites then it is guaranteed to be a nightmare. Magic submitter has the ability to do this automatically hence saving you a tremendous amount of time.


If you were to submit content manually on the various websites online you wouldn’t be able to achieve much in one day. This is because you can’t post the same article in the exact same version on more than one site; you have to rewrite it uniquely. With magic submitter, you don’t have to do all this work as it has ‘spinning’ capability which means that it can rewrite a single article numerous times and after that post them to different sites. You can actually post your content to more than two thousand sites.


Another feature that this magic submitter review will focus on is the tool’s ability to interpret captcha codes. As you might know, these codes are usually put in place to avoid spammers and bots and some even come with the tag ‘prove that you are human’.  Failure to solve these codes usually leads to access denial. With magic submitter, you don’t have to input these codes manually; as a result, you will be able to save on time.


One of the most significant benefits of magic submitter is that it can post content to some of the most noteworthy content submission sites on the internet, for example, Squidoo and webnode. By so doing, your site will rise through the ranks pretty fast.


Magic submitter review — extra help


In this magic submitter review, it is also worth noting that the developer of the product is very helpful, and this is evident from his magic submitter reviewthe monthly call policy. After purchasing the tool, Alex Krulik will call you every month to provide you with coaching. The aim of this is to enable users of the product make the best out of it and consequently be able to achieve their respective goals faster.


Multiple Content Support


Magic Article Submitter does not just post text-based content to websites it also does the same for video and images. When it comes to videos, for example, it will post them on the most popular one on the internet (YouTube) and many others hence boosting your visibility. In this magic submitter review, it is also important to note that the tool is capable of submitting to press release websites.


Magic Submitter Review: Cost


In order to use magic submitter, you will be required to pay $4.95; this will get you through the first 30 days after which the monthly bill will rise to 67 dollars. The first 30 days represent the trial period, but after that you can still continue testing the product to the 60th day to determine whether it meets your expectations or not. If after all this time you feel that it is not what you wanted, then you can say so and claim a refund.  The specific amount will be the trial period payment plus the monthly bill which will add up to $71.95.


It might also be a good idea to address a few disadvantages of the tool in this magic submitter review. Probably the biggest downside is that in order to comfortably use the tool, one must have some knowledge of SEO because it is quite technical. There is also the fact that some of the sites that one might want to post content on may not be available on the tool. However, there is a feature that enables manual addition. Some call use the expression ” Magic Submitter Scam” cause they simple not use it properly and there is also a slight difference between Magic Submitter vs Senuke X .



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