The Most Effective Way to Generate a Steady Stream of Life Insurance Leads


A lot of life insurance agents, brokers and advisers are constantly seeking the fastest, yet cheapest methods for generating a consistent stream of life insurance leads for their business. This is because they know that the more leads they bring in, the more sales they will ultimately make.


These insurance professionals often buy leads distribute pamphlets and reports, preset appointments, send direct mailings, conduct workshops or seminars, publish newspaper articles and advertisements, go on radio shows and much more in an attempt to gather more leads. However, they are not usually very successful.


They aren’t failing because the methods don’t work, they are failing because they don’t understand the secrets that will help them to create a comprehensive lead generating strategy that uses several methods as a cohesive system. Some also fail because they do not know how to properly follow through after the lead generation phase.


All too often, life insurance professionals attempt to use one quick method to try and obtain new life insurance leads, which just isn’t very effective. Read below to learn about some of the most effective lead generation methods and why most insurance professionals are failing to use them correctly.


Lead Generation Method One: Referred Life Insurance Leads


High-powered insurance professionals who consistently generate thousands of leads per week know that referred leads are often some of the best leads you can obtain. Unfortunately, most agents have experienced frustration while attempting to use them. Therefore, they no longer implement this strategy at all. This is because they have failed to make it easy for their current or previous clients to refer them to others. Clients usually only refer their insurance agent to their friends, co-workers and loved ones if they have developed some type of relationship with their agent.


Insurance professionals can establish relationships with their clients by providing amazing and personalized service, being life insurance leadstrustworthy and showing the client that you are genuinely invested in protecting their best interests. The aim of every good insurance agent is to spend as much time as possible actively making sales. Only about ten percent of their time should be devoted to other tasks. Referred leads makes this possible by automatically bringing in highly interested leads with no further work done on your part.


Lead Generation Method Two: Annual Life Insurance eads Reviews


Another way highly successful insurance professionals are able to obtain lots of high-quality life insurance leads is with annual reviews. By doing annual reviews with the customers you already have, you can easily get clients to buy additional features, extended services or other insurance products that will result in a nice profit for you.




The LIMRA claims that most people end up buying approximately seven life insurance products in their lifetime. You want your current clients to always buy additional products from you. Do this by going over their existing policies and seeing whether or not they need to change or add anything for better coverage. This is a great way to make sales without having to find new leads. Having annual reviews also improves the relationship you have with your client, which will make them trust you more. Clients who trust their insurance professional are more likely to give referrals.


Lead Generation Method Three: Dinner Seminars


Dinner seminars are usually expensive to conduct, since they usually require an investment of about $5000. You will need to purchase mailing materials as well as organize the dinner itself, so this is only for those who are able to spend this kind of money on lead generation. These seminars happen to be one of the fastest ways to gain new leads when executed correctly. Successful agents generally gain at least 50 good leads within six weeks of the seminar.


Mistakes to avoid are hosting the dinner at a cheap location or failing to send out mailings or invitations that grab people’s attention. You also want to avoid using general newspaper ads. This will certainly attract a big crowd, but most of them will not be interested in what you are offering. Always target a particular audience for your dinner seminars and show them why they should attend and consider your services.


Generating life insurance leads is certainly the hardest part of selling life insurance. However, once you learn how to use the proven methods in a more effective way, it will become much easier.