Ways To Generate Home Improvement Leads


A very important business model that has been growing in recent years is a company that is devoted to generating leads for other businesses. When a company is trying to find additional customers, and they would prefer using something other than traditional online and off-line advertising, one of the best ways to get fast results, and potential customers, is to use a lead generating service.


If you can qualify a person through some type of form in which they are asking for information, they are potentially a customer for a business out there that will be willing to pay for this lead. By setting up different websites, ranking them organically, or driving traffic to them using Google or Facebook, you can actually get as much as $50, or even $100, per lead that you provide. Here is a simple way that you can begin to generate free home improvement leads that you can sell to contractors in your area.


How Lead Generation Works


The basic premise behind lead generation, especially on the web, is that you set up many different websites that are ranking high home improvement leadsfor specific keywords. You can also do this with videos, which also can rank in the number one positions for valuable search terms used by people searching for specific types of services. In fact, if you are able to rank videos, you can probably do this much more easily than you could with a traditional website. That’s because, especially in the case of YouTube, videos are considered of higher quality than upstart websites, and therefore you can position them very fast.


Once you have several rankings for profitable keywords, you can set up what is called a lead capture page. On that page, you will ask if they are looking for a specific type of service related to the keywords you are ranking for. They will then enter their name and email in order to get information. Once they do this, or call an 800 number that you have placed on the page which goes to make call tracking service, you have a lead that you can sell. The other end of this business is having a list of potential clients such as businesses related to the keywords you are ranking for. An example of this would be ranking for roofing keywords, or home-improvement keywords, and then selling your leads to contractors.




Problems Associated With Home Improvement Leads


One of the main problems that people run into when selling these types of leads is that you have to move on them fast. People that just typed in their information will be more likely to work with a company if they get a return call the same day, or preferably, the same hour. That’s why you need to have a relationship with multiple contractors that are willing to purchase home improvement leads Haustin. You can actually charge as much as $100 for these leads depending upon what they are for.


Using this information, you should be able to set up your very own lead capture page that can capture leads for contractors in your area. It’s a very simple business to run, and very profitable as well, making it well worth your while to look into the lead generation business.