Learning How To Generate Leads Online

If you stop and think about it for a moment, there are lots of people on the internet all of the time. So, it should be very easy to get clients for your business all of the time, right? Well, not so fast.

Yes there are plenty of people to contact, but you must select who will possibly be interested in what you will be promoting. Basically, when you are discovering how to generate leads online, you are experimenting at first, only to fine tune your procedures when you find out what works.

Say for example you are selling products for dogs, and you have a dog toy you are selling that is unique. Now you know that you are going to have to only promote to the niche of dog owners.

How To Generate Leads Online – Creating A Site

You can set up a blog or a website, or it can just be a landing page. You can give away free information about dogs, their habits, and toys that they like to play with.

You can target dog owners with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, SEO, forums, blog posts and anything else you can do to get your free offer in front of dog owners.

People will respond to something for free if they perceive that it has value for them. Yes, in the back of their minds they know that there will probably be some kind of offer there for them, but as long as the feel that they are in control to the point where they don’t feel pressured, a good majority will go for your free offer.

The offer itself should be of high quality and truly offer valuable information. It could be data from a study that shows how dogs react to toys, and what kinds of toys they like. Of course, your toy that you are promoting, will be just such an item. But along with that, 99% of your free information will be about what they love the most, and that is their dog.

How To Generate Leads Online Using Social Media

Facebook may just be one of the most remarkable lead generators that marketers have going for them today. Facebook has the capacity of showing you how to generate  free leads online with very finite demographics. For example, in our dog toy example, you can drill down to people who own dogs and are looking for the right toys for their dogs. You can target age, occupation, incomes, geographical information and a host of other facts which you might deem important.

You will be promoting your free information to these people, and you will get a good response. In your offer on your landing page, all you have to really ask for is the person’s email, and that is so you can follow up. Some marketers will ask for a first name too, but that is up to you. There are studies that now suggest, that conversion is higher with no name being asked for, just the email.

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Once you have a person’s email, you can market to them without fear of reprisal because they have now given permission for you to contact them. You may have other dog products and information to sell to them, and you will want to have a well thought-out program with items that will further enhance their relationship with their dogs.

What is happening here is that as you begin to have people go for your free information, and you capture their emails, you are building a list of names. What you will want to do is to collect these names on an autoresponder such as aWeber, Mail Chimp, or some other autoresponder where you can follow up with more information and more offers.

As your list of names grows, you know that you have a very targeted list of people who are all interested in dogs, and more importantly in dog toys. This list will be worth a lot of money for you, because you now can send them information in which they will be interested, and who have also trusted you and believe that you know what you are talking about.

Now instead of just leads, you have customers and people who have some interest in what you have to say, and that is much more valuable than just any old list of names in general. This is the best way of learning how to generate leads online.