Discover How to Build a List With These Simple Tips

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online for any length of time, you most certainly have come across information telling you how important it is to know how to build a list.

If you haven’t, then you’re really lucky to be reading this so you don’t waste lots of time and money on ineffective or short term How to Build a Listmoney making schemes!

If you want a long term online business, as opposed to different ways to make money, then list building is definitely for you.  With your own list, you control your business.  You won’t be depending on search engine updates, or social media sites, or rules changing on advertising sites.

Understanding how to build a list is the key to your online business success.

If you aren’t sure what a list is, it’ simply a list of people that have asked to receive information from you via email, by filling out a form on a web page, known as a squeeze page or optin form.

You need an autoresponder for your list building such as

Once people optin to your list you can send them emails any time you want, whether your list has five people on it, fifty people, or even fifty thousand people!

Let’s take a look at a simple example as to why you’ll want a list, as well as how powerful it can be.

Let’s say you spent lots of time on a site and getting good rankings and you managed to land on page one of google and you’re getting hundreds, if not thousands of visitors per day.

You wake up the next day and your top rankings are completely gone! No more traffic!  No more money!

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But what if you had been building a list from that traffic and at this point you had a couple of thousand people on that list.  All you have to do is send them an email with a link to content on your site!

With the list you don’t have to worry about all that other stuff! Short term traffic techniques that might work now but not in the future, can be a long term investment if you are building a list from it.

You just need to make a simple change in your strategy.  No matter how you are driving traffic, stop driving that traffic to content or offers.  Drive it to a page where people can optin to your list.

You’ll need something of high quality that you give away for free in order to get them to sign up. Long gone are the days people would give up their email address for almost anything.

Get my free newsletter won’t do it!  But a free report on the 17 Secret Diet Tips You MUST Use Now! would be good.  Or an audio download or exclusive blog content that only your list gets to see.

Don’t promote affiliate links with your traffic strategies.  Send that traffic to a squeeze page and get them on your list.  Do you do article marketing?  Don’t link to something to sell, send them to your squeeze page.

Are you active on forums?  Put your squeeze page offer and link in your forum signature.

If you are doing any kind of paid advertising, use it to build your list instead of sending them directly to a product offer.

One great strategy to use now is to two step it! No, not dancing! Let’s say you are using Facebook PPC.  People are a lot more likely to like a fan page than they are optin to your list via those ads.

So build a fan page around your niche and use the content you put on the fan page as a way to get those fans onto your list.  With certain apps and software you can even put a squeeze page right into your fan page so they don’t have to leave Facebook!  And people trust Facebook more than some random web site they hadn’t heard of!

That’s a great business model by the way, that doesn’t rely on learning to be a great copywriter, or email writer, or even having to sell anything.

It works like this.  Build up a Facebook fan page.  Create a content site on the same topic.  Provide good content on the fan page that drives people back to the site and use that content to encourage them to get on your list.

Put up new content on the site daily and send out 3 to 5 emails per week to your list that sends them to the site.  You can make money on the site numerous ways, with affiliate links in the content, CPA offers, or third party advertising like Adsense or Kontera.

Everything you do must be about building your list.  That should be your business mindset.  Everything else is a distraction.  If you can focus all your energies on how to build a list, you can build your business.