Mannatech created a revolution when it first developed its range of glyconutrients. The company use plant-based sources to collect valuable nutrients that it marketed under its brand name for a range of health problems. The products became so successful that the company has expanded into twenty different countries all over the world. The company has about 310 fulltime employees but generates profits through its more than 25,000 direct sales professionals all over the world. The company is so successful that we decided to do a Mannatech Review just to understand how profitable it could turn out.


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Mannatech Review: About The Company


Founder Samuel L Caster in Coppell, Texas set up Mannatech in 1993. The company dealt exclusively in R&D and it developed its own line of glyconutrients that were promoted for a range of health problems. by 2006, the company had expanded so much that Forbes Magazine rated it as one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Similarly, the company was also ranked 12 in the BusinessWeek 2007 listing of Top Growing Companies in the US. Now the company produces 22 nutritional supplements, five skin care products, four weight management supplements and two topical products for consumers. The most popular products is Ambrotose which is used in a range of separate products as a healthcare supplement.


Mannatech Review: Direct Sales Options


The company offers several great sales options for customers. For example, the simplest option is by buying a product and putting it on automatic reorder. You can then sell the product to friends and family or use it yourself. If you sell it to other members, you will be offered a 4Free Discount Program. In this program, you get a 25% discount on your products. As you continue to recruit members, you will get unlimited discounts on your product purchases till they eventually become free.

The company also promotes you upward as you increase the number of members in your team and provides you with bonuses and compensation packages. We recommend you take a closer look at the process here


Mannatech Review: The Good Points


The company is proactive about protecting its image and products and its has dealt with period of intense scrutiny in which it had Mannatech Reviewto deal with a class-action lawsuit and an attorney general investigation. The company managed to settle both litigations successfully and it is now expanding its consumer base. The company has also dealt with scientific criticism by hiring professionals to carry out clinical and pre-clinical trials with their patented molecules. Although the research is still vague, the studies have been accepted as a part of mainstream research.


Mannatech Review: The Bottom Line


We wrote this Mannatech Review to provide an unbiased idea of what the company is offering its customers. Nonetheless, we do encourage you to do your own research. The products are useful and more than 200,000 customers swear by the product ranges. The company is well-established and it does pay on time.


The only problem we see is that sales professionals may run out of leads as they progress upward in the company. As a result, they may have to learn marketing tips before they can generate additional sales. However, you should know that Mannatech has an excellent sales training program in place to help professionals as they move upward in the sales program.


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We recommend you read as many Mannatech Review articles as possible to get an idea of how the company reimburses customers and how much you can gain financially.