Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Visibility By Creating Quality Backlinks

If you want to improve your website’s visibility, one of the most important tasks you need to undertake is to improve your site’s search engine rankings. While this used to be easier to do in the days before Google’s Panda algorithm was unleashed, now in order to achieve effective search engine optimization you need best way to build backlinks from high quality websites.


In the days before the Panda algorithm decimated content farms, a website could bolster their search engine placement simply if they were able to build backlinks on user generated content sites. Nowadays, Building Backlinks to Your Website on low quality article directories you will not boost your site’s rankings nearly as much as if you build backlinks on authoritative websites instead. If you truly want to increase the number of website visitors you achieve through web search engines like Google, you must consider the quality of your backlinks.


Build Backlinks From B2B Sites


An excellent way to get links to your site is to contribute content with backlinks on business-to-business advice sites. These websites generally welcome free content from business owners as long as the content provided is relevant. While an advertorial for your business filled with backlinks will likely not be approved for posting, a post outlining marketing strategy and tips relevant to your niche just might make the cut.


Regardless of what type of business you are in, if you create relevant content that provides value to other business owners, your post is likely to be approved for publication. With most of these business-to-business websites, you are allowed to add backlinks to your business in your author’s profile. As most of these backlinks are allowed to be rel-follow links, you will have achieved a quality backlink to your site from a reputable website. Since search engine algorithms usually place heavy emphasis on the quality of the referring site, your free content might have just improved your own website’s visibility in the search engine rankings.


Content Relevancy To Build Backlinks


Another way to improve your website’s visibility is to create content that is relevant to your audience and then share that content via social media. Since search engine algorithms also place emphasis on whether a website’s content is socially shared or not, the more your content is shared on social media the better your SERP will be. Bear this in mind when you are creating content for your audience.




Rather than write generic content that is more likely to elicit yawns instead of social shares, focus on content that has the potential to be shared multiple times across numerous social media sites. You can increase your odds by creating titles that catch a reader’s attention. You can increase your odds by connecting your content to events that are currently happening in mainstream media. You can even increase your odds by adding images to your content that are likely to improve the rate at which readers share your content. Think of creating socially shareable content like baking a cake. The more quality ingredients you add to your content, the better your chances are that your content will rise to the top. Bear these points in mind as you build backlinks to your site, and you just might be surprised at how many more visitors find your site.